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  1. The little campaign? To demand our elected officials do something about #drcstuck kids? All those letters?? According to the State Dept, really pissed off the Congolese government!

    Demanding to be allowed to complete the adoptions of very likely trafficked kids in DRC is very very wrong. Evil actually.

    It's sad that you can't see that Jesus believes buying humans is wrong - why else would there be an exit permit suspension & visa suspension to go along with it?!?

    1. Do you have any evidence to support your claim that these children are "very likely trafficked kids"? Obviously you have a right to your opinion. You can think what you want but when you make claims that sound like truth you should provide some evidence. And according to the link you posted the DRC government actually responded that way based on things happening within their own country. There is not one thing in that notice that states the Congo government was pissed because a bunch of people wrote letters to their senators. It sounds to me like you are just a loud mouth spouting off your opinion. Perhaps you should not use Jesus to base your false evidence on.

  2. I love that you assume that every child meant for adoption is trafficked, which is not the truth. But even so, does the fact that trafficking exists negate all efforts to give orphans forever families? FURTHERMORE, your argument assumes that adoption is the cause for trafficking, but what is this based on? Your expensive research or how about personal travels and missions work internationally? I doubt you have done either. I, on the other hand, have spent years and years of my life, with both, traveling extensively, working right alongside and living with the poorest of the poor, alongside NGOs and nonprofit relief organizations on four continents for the past 10 years of my life. Do you want to know what the number one reason for trafficking is? It's POVERTY, not adoption. It is NOT people kidnapping these children (which does happen, but not like you think!). Trafficking most often occurs within the family itself, making a decision to sell their own children to traffickers for money because they do not have enough money to FEED the REST of their own children and family. They are living in POVERTY and desperate. If you want to find a source for blame, or BE PART OF THE SOLUTION (what a novel idea, instead of creeping online on adoptive parents TRYING to be a solution), and get involved with a movement to end POVERTY. Ask questions why hunger and lack of clean water even still exist in the world. Be part of the solution, instead of part of the hate towards a community of people actually trying to HELP. The AP community is not the evil empire. If you actually worked with the people and lived with them, you would understand. Your posting shows your lack of understanding of what's really happening.


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